Our Values


  • PLAY is children’s right, and their mission is to grow up happily. Kinderii Eduplay makes sure children learn and grow up in irrigation of LOVE and JOY.


  1. To guide children to learn happily while arousing their desire and potential of learning.
  2. To draw out the potentials of children’s brain and inspire them with more room for imagination.
  3. To nurture children with good habits, sentiment and character.


  1. We value the Play Years of children. We allow children to learn and explore the beautiful world through games. There is no “Schooling” concept here at Kinderii EduPlay. Children are playing and not schooling. We advocate learning activities as an open approach for children to discover their own talent by allowing them to explore and develop in a constraint free environment.
  2. We believe the potentials of children’s brain could be drawn out under correct guidance from our tutor. Given the stimulative environment to enrich brain activities, each child could unleash amazing creativity and ability to learn.
  3. It is necessary to nurture good habits, sentiment and character to children at their early years of childhood. We ensure intellectual and moral values are deeply rooted in the young minds through picture book learning and exposure to classic literatures.


  • 玩乐是孩子的权利,快乐成长是孩子的任务。拓研苗圃(Kinderii EduPlay)用爱与欢乐来灌溉孩子快乐学习与成长。


  1. 引导孩子快乐学习,激发孩子的求知欲与学习潜能。
  2. 开拓孩子的脑部能量,启发孩子更多的想象空间。
  3. 培育孩子良好习惯、情操与品德。


  1. 我们重视孩子的玩乐年龄。我们让孩子通过游戏学习和探索世界的美好。孩子在这里不是“上学”, 而是“玩耍”,我们没有“上课”的概念,我们提倡的是学习的活动, 以开发的态度让孩子自由发展与探索,发现自己的天赋。
  2. 我们深信只要成为孩子的导师,孩子在正确的引导之下,脑部能量可以被开拓。只要提供丰富头脑的活性化环境,每个孩子都能发挥惊人的创造力和学习能力。让孩子成为脑的主人,培养一生受用的自信心与正能量。
  3. 孩子良好的习惯、情操与品德在幼小的年龄就要开始培养。我们通过绘本学习和中国经典教育让智育与德育深植幼小心灵。

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